Waking up in a Tuscan dream: Borgo StomennanoI’ll never forget that day: it’s early morning, a beautiful June morning, the first warm rays of sunshine flood the countryside with a gentle numbness and the leaves of grass shine like golden pearls. The air is thin and some scattered clouds are gathering above us. It’s hard to describe what a beautiful and magical place Borgo Stomennano is. A breathless location in the heart of Tuscany, located in the province of Siena, very close to the medieval fortress of Monteriggioni and the towers of San Gimignano. The first impression is terrific! This very special wedding venue takes us a step back in time thanks to its 17th century style and traditional Italian elegance. The old charm of the villa is still intact, with its decadent and melancholic energy and magnificence, but fully restored and with the comfort of the present time. The main gate is approached by a long driveway of majestic cypress trees. A huge Italian style garden with fountains enriches this estate with an elegant rustic-chic flavor. Blooming jasmine climbs up the facades surrounding the old windows and infuses all around an ecstatic scent. The villa is a tiny village surrounded by olive groves and woodland with its farmhouses, wine cellars, olive oil mills, carpenter stables, a small church located beyond the villa.  Swimming pool, whiskey and eagerly awaiting In front of me, in such an authentic and timeless Tuscan vibe, a lovely and elegant Jewish couple shows the world the miracle of eternal love. Gabriella and Simon are ready to live the sweetest day of their lives. Emotions start right from the first moments. The atmosphere is full of waiting and everything around us is full of magic. This wedding at Borgo Stomennano begins with relatives and friends enjoying the infinity pool with the breathtaking background made by the Tuscan hills and the villa’s vineyards. During the preparation period, participants, all in amazingly stylish clothes, take the edge off by tasting fine whiskey.   Wedding at Borgo Stomennano: Old traditions and new miraclesBefore the ceremony, the Simon approaches Gabriella for the Bedeken, or veiling. He looks at her and then veils her face. It’s a moment of strong spirituality and emotions flow on the skin. But the most important part of the wedding ceremony takes place under the Chuppah. Under its covering, Gabriella and Simon become one. The true miracle? That is exactly what happens before my eyes and my camera. Sheets filter the sunlight to create stunning portraits. So perfect! But the most genuine and exciting part of the wedding certainly is what happens next. Guests link hands and dance in a circle with or around the bride and groom. Family members of all ages can enjoy the fun and joyous tradition of the Hora dance. Gabriella and Simon’s wedding at Borgo Stomennano is filled with so many special and unique moments and with so many nuances and elements that it’s hard to choose the best. But I’m sure that their love, so passionate and candid at the same time, is what I will always carry with me fixed in my memory and in my shots. I really left a piece of my heart there!Images by Guido Andreoni. “Event made as a second camera for Stefano Santucci Studio“   Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here