Imagine: an old castle magically suspended between hills and open terraces, which overlooks a peaceful and charming landscape of olive trees and endless vineyards. Dream: it’s up in the morning and on the downs little white clouds like gamboling lambs; the light is warm, cozy, delicate, a “world-filling, eye-kissing, heart-sweetening light!” Close your eyes: a young couple, beautiful as to take your breath away, perfect blend of elegance and passion, kisses each other surrounded by ancient walls and high cypresses. Breathe. Now, open your eyes and realize: that’s not just a fairy tale, that’s a true story! That was exactly Avery and Carl’s wedding day at Castello di Velona; that was exactly the most memorable day of their lives. Castello di Velona — an authentic pearl in the heart of Tuscany, set on a hilltop in the Southern Tip of Montalcino — Avery e Carl swore eternal love to each other and witnessed their “I do’s”. Every moment of this stunning wedding in Castello di Velona, from beginning to end, was a pleasure to capture. On a typical Tuscan spring morning, their wedding day began at the monumental upper part of the Castle, in rooms with breath-taking views on Brunello vineyards in Val d’Orcia, where they started to get ready. In the meantime their closest friends and relatives enjoyed the natural thermal pools and Spa located in the lower wing of the castle. It was really fun and relaxed.  Later in the wedding day, when everyone was ready, we all made our way towards the typical “Italian gardens” at the foot of the castle to be a part of one of the most meaningful ceremonies and emotional speech I’ve photographed. The choice of taking some black and white shots aims to express all the intimacy of the moment and its holiness. None of those present held back with the emotion they felt: there was no shortage of happy tears, laughter and beautiful words. I can testify that the love of their family and friends for them is as great and true as the love that Avery and Carl feel for each other. What I try to express in the shots is exactly such a priceless feeling, which I had the good fortune to be a witness to. After the touching ceremony, a traditional Italian dinner was served. With three restaurants and its own production of Brunello Wine and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Castello di Velona is ideal for enjoying the best of Italian food and wine culture. Sophisticated and delightful flavors made their experience in Tuscany unforgettable. Last but not least, after some incredible and so romantic moments an amazing party and wild dances started till late at night. This wedding in Castello di Velona was a pleasure to take part in. Simply being around Avery and Carl was such a positive experience, cause they’re the kind of people that give out nothing but good energy and good vibes. I feel thankful to know these guys, to have shared so many beautiful moments with them and to have  Images by Guido Andreoni “Event made as a second camera for Stefano Santucci Studio“ Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here