Hello! I’m an Italian wedding photographer based in Florence, Tuscany. 

My Approach

My approach is documentary in style, in a very discreet way. I have a relaxed, unobtrusive and natural approach to photography. I am interested in taking simple, clear and exciting photographs, with a sense of timeless beauty for your destination wedding. This means taking photos out of time, photos that will still resonate emotionally with your future children, their future children and their future children.

As an Italian destination wedding photographer…

I conceive marriage as a way to eternalize love in all its spontaneity and this, in my opinion, gives my photographs a poetic simplicity.  Mine is not just a technique, but a philosophy of shooting. Great stories, in fact, are a matter of small details that reveal a thousand words. A quick glance, a gesture, a smile or a stroke, are all the nuances that warm up your special day in the most intimate way. Immortalizing a wedding is much more than just taking pictures.

I always try to get an idea, a thought that speaks of love. It’s a question of emotion, content, poetry, soul that must be transposed on paper to last forever as the feeling it expresses. It’s the style that makes the difference, a glossy magazine or Hollywood “Age d’Or” style that I try to render in every single shot.  My job is to stop every moment endlessly in the most artistic way possible. The result becomes poetry, sweet to the tongue, warm to the heart and soothing to the mind.

Are you Looking for an Italian destination wedding photographer? 

I am available for engagement and escape destinations wedding throughout Italy and where you need it.


I very much enjoy being a part of your wedding, relaxed honeymoons, romantic engagements, proposals, and adventure couple portrait photography sessions.

After the event, in the shortest time, you will be provided with a private, beautiful online download gallery. Easy access with fully edited pictures, in highest resolution. You might also choose to make a book with your photos, to print them by yourself or to buy outstanding fine art prints à la carte. I also offer different coverages for different demands! So, if you’re planning a 2-3 days-event or an intimate elopement, feel free to drop me a line with anything you want to let me know about your event.