Seemingly situated in the middle of nowhere, Masseria Potenti is lost in time. Once through the great iron gates that guard this centuries-old walled farm, guests forget the outside world and unwind in the total peace and quiet that surrounds this very special place. The ideal time to get to this corner of Apulia is that on sunset, when the dazzling white of the buildings takes on shades of pink. Masseria Potenti is a testimony of the Apulia countryside in full respect of nature and sustainability. The slow-placed villages near the Masseria boast a stunning landscape, deep-blue seas, century of history and are blissfully isolated from the 21st century. Emma and Dan spent a wonderful few days before their destination wedding at Masseria Potenti. This couple was looking for a place out of our time where you can share unforgettable days with people they love. A place where you don't feel like a guest but part of a big family. A place where you can abandon the frenzy of their days and where you can find yourself. Masseria Potenti was their ideal place for a destination wedding in Apulia. The days were spent relaxing between a reading, a swim in the pool and the fabulous homemade pasta. The day of their destination wedding in Masseria Potenti finally arrived and I can't wait to document their love story. "Event made as a second camera for Stefano Santucci Studio" Images by Guido Andreoni Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here