To make their wedding day as special as unforgettable, Georgie and Tim could not have chosen better location: the charming San Pietro in Valle Abbey. This idyllic estate is located in true heart of the Umbrian countryside between Marmore Falls and Spoleto, completely surrounded by the thick and luxurious vegetation that covers all the Nera Valley. Arrival to this historical abbey is a journey through time. Landscape and architecture take you back to the twelfth century. The privilege of being able to rest in this masterpiece of yesteryear is really priceless: a dreamy place, isolated, immersed in nature and history. In San Pietro in Valle Abbey, it is useless for you to bring your clocks, because here time has a different rhythm: an eternal and unchanging time, still standing at the golden age of the ancient ballads and romances, the legends of the Templar Knights and courtly love. Here the Middle-Ages have never been so close. It particular geographical conformation has preserved this region much more than the neighboring ones (such as the much more famous Tuscany) from the modern process of wild urbanization. Moreover, Umbria has always been a region strongly tied to its origins, jealous of its traditions, which still retains its rural soul; a place whose peace and silence inspire contemplation. The entire wedding day at San Pietro in Valle Abbey was something out of a fairytale, with a couple of moments really stood out to me. No doubt the moment immediately after the touching ceremony was one of those. Coming out of the church, hand in hand and with the wedding rings on their fingers, Georgie and Tim's smiles shone in the warm July sun. Their happiness was echoed by that of all the guests. As a frame, bouquets of pastel-colored flowers perfectly matched with the sweet shades of the ancient frescoes.  The shootings along the cypress avenue speak for themselves, we believe. They speak of love, romance, art and life. The other memorable moment of this stunning wedding in San Pietro in Valle was certainly what happened later in the day. Till late at night the lovely couple, together with all the relatives and friends, give rise to an amazing party in the courtyard and wild dances overwhelmed by the irresistible jazz sound of the “Fire Dixie Band”. Moreover, speeches deserve some special mention, because their grace and sweetness, energy and vibes were not just part of the ceremony, but very much part of the whole day. Having the opportunity to attend incredible weddings like this one in San Pietro in Valle, with people like these, in such a beautiful place, is the reason why I will never tire of repeating how much I love doing my job. Just as I’m sure that Georgie and Tim will always keep this photographic work with them in the UK, I will always bring in my heart alive the memory of their genuine passion for life and love. Images by Guido Andreoni "Event made as a second camera for Stefano Santucci Studio"   Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here