Welcome to your dream wedding destination—an enchanting Italian villa nestled in the heart of Tuscany's rolling hills and idyllic vineyards. A place that promises an exquisite and unforgettable backdrop for your special day—Villa Bruguier!But Villa Bruguier is more than just a venue. It's a treasure trove of history and beauty, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your wedding in Tuscany. Every corner of this majestic villa whispers tales of the unique, timeless charm that Tuscany is known for. With its terracotta rooftops and meticulously landscaped gardens, Villa Bruguier is nothing short of a jewel in Tuscan architecture, ready to serve as an extraordinary setting for your nuptials. And the magic of a wedding at Villa Bruguier doesn't stop at its stunning architecture. Step outside and drink in the breathtaking views of the Tuscan landscape. With sprawling olive groves and lush vineyards as far as the eye can see, it's like a picturesque canvas come to life, ready to make your wedding day absolutely unforgettable.   Simone & Sara said: "With Guido we understood each other immediately and the result was proof of this. We wanted a discreet and careful reportage in the choice of shots and light, without giving too much weight to the poses and constructed shots. He guided us for a few minutes in an intimate set after the ceremony and for the rest of the party he moved like a guest, capturing all the important moments, the funniest and the most exciting. The delivery of the finished work was full of surprises in seeing unforgettable moments of our wedding at Villa Bruguier captured in the best possible way. Super satisfied, and Guido obviously highly recommended!"   flowers and designer: Non Solo Fiori food: Daniele Del Carlo music: Mombao venue: Villa Bruguier Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here