I shot this very intimate wedding in Florence at the beginning of May. Joe and Jacqueline are a loving and elegant couple from Arizona and they are traveling with friends to Villa la Quercia, just outside Florence. When Jacqueline wrote to me: "we are open to suggestions for a good Italian food" I was happy because it was created a good feeling. I immediately thought to La Ménagère, a concept-restaurant, a design container that collects more souls. Kind words from the couple: Guido was an amazing choice for our wedding in Florence, Italy. We live in Phoenix Arizona and we wanted to get married in Italy. I found a few photographers located in Florence on line and viewed there web sites. I kept coming back to to Guido's unique photos and his ability to capture candid moments, that I new would make lasting memories for our celebration. My husband and I had no idea where we wanted our photos to be taken or where we wanted our dinner reception to be. Guido did such an amazing job taking care of us ! picking the perfect locations and recommendation for a restaurant where we had our dinner celebration. He did not disappoint! We felt that just around every corner, every moment there was a little surprise. Guido has an amazing eye for the perfect photos. He was kind, professional also personable. By the end of the night we not only received AMAZING photos but also made a new friend. Thank you Guido, for the memories! Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here