In the last summer I had the pleasure of taking an Engagement in Ancona. I was born in this city and it’s always a great pleasure for me to come back. A particular city, with 1000 facets and a strong bond with the sea. When I met Annalisa and Michele for the first time there was a strong harmony between us: it was not difficult to decide the ideal location for the engagement. The “Passetto caves” are a timeless place; special for every person who was born in this city. The caves are the true soul of Ancona; colorful shelters dug inside the cliff in the early 1900 by the fishermen to harbour their boats. Today their heirs, known as “grottaroli”, spend their summers here eating fresh fish and relaxing. The various coloured wooden doors and the lights make the “Passetto caves” a very magical and attractive place both by day and night. The rocky beach of Passetto, part of Conero Park, is located below the cliff and is accessible thanks to a large and long white staircase that leads down to the shore of the Adriatic Sea. That’s ideal for a timeless and romantic Engagement in Ancona! We decided to meet a few minutes after dawn on a summer morning. The light and the sea did the rest. The city still slept. Your Narrative blog will appear here, click preview to see it live.For any issues click here